Virtual Data Room Assistance

One of the most stressful parts of buying or selling your business is knowing how to properly display your information in a way that is easy to access while still providing you with the confidentiality you need. We can help you with our Virtual Data Room Assistance.


Get the help you need – After a brief introduction and run down on what you require, we will partner you with a trusted advisor who is fully qualified to answer any query on your business that a buyer may have. This will be your dedicated contact for your next sale.


Get set up right – We will ensure that your information is set-up with one of our partner VDR suppliers and that information is not only secure but easy to access for all interested parties. Levitate will manage and host the parties who enter whilst ensuring all queries are answered in a more effective and efficient manner never before seen in this space.


Take the stress away – Why make an all ready stressful situation more stressful? Let Levitate take care of the heavy lifting, giving you the comfort you need to ensure that your deal is happening quickly and professionally and you are there every step of the way.


A service you can trust – Our customers have all reported quicker than projected deals with a smother than expected experience. Go with the firm who you can trust.

Levitate Advisors is the first premier global firm to be offering a service of this kind. Lets us assist you represent your business the best way possible by letting us manage your Vitural Data Room (VDR).

Levitate is here to provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to your next deal. By partnering with a firm you can trust to assist you through your interactions with your potential acquirers you can rest easy knowing that your business is represented in the best way possible.


Get the results you want

  • A trusted partner of some of the world’s best Virtual Data Room (VDR) suppliers.
  • Set-up of your VDR in an easy to use and understand model suited to your business needs.
  • User friendly approach to the display of all information submitted allowing ease of access for all interested parties.
  • A committed and on-call full qualified senior finance advisor dedicated to your case.
  • An affordable solution to get your deal done quicker and save on costs.

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Response Analysis Chart:

I found the Virtual Data Room Management Services offered by Levitate to be of great assistance in providing support to the due diligence process. It enables all parties on the vendor advisory team to have a single reference point to the Q & A process ensuring appropriate oversight & tracking of this important transaction stage. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

James Taylor
Director, MKP Corporate

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