Who We are

We’re your virtual senior executive team, but we don’t just advise…we do. We work IN your business, ON your business and don’t mind getting our hands dirty.

We start by discussing your strategic direction and how to make it happen and we will be there every step of the way. In addition to this Levitate offers so much more . For all aspects of your business, Levitate brings together the team of professionals you want and need. Created by accountant and “businessophile” Phil Hempenstall we seek to understand what your needs are and help you achieve them. Levitate and its partners seek to bring together the largest range of professional services in the country to assist your company.

How we can helpLet's start with a conversation on what we can do to help in the areas of:

Bookkeeping and CFO Advisory

In addition to completing all your AP, AR and Payroll needs and Statutory compliance, we will work with you to create the perfect suite of management reports. Be it reporting for a small business or just to understand how things are travelling.

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Tax Advisory and Compliance

Are you structured correctly for tax purposes or concerned that you are not Federally compliant? Every business could use some help in this area.

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Strategic Direction and Business Growth

Business these days is hard, and dealing with an ever changing market place can be a real challenge, especially if you are too busy trying to focus on maintaining a solid revenue stream.

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Business System and Rollout

Is your system giving you what you need? If not it is not uncommon, we constantly work with businesses who need help with theirs.

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Debt Minimisation and Structuring

ATO debt weighing you down? Concerned your equipment financing isn’t very competitive or worried about your rates?

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Restructuring and Insolvency

If you are concerned your business is no longer working in its current form you may need to restructure, speak to our partners today.

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Virtual Data Room Assistance

We help take the stress out of buying or selling your business by properly displaying your information in a way that is easy to access while still providing you with the confidentiality you need.

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Salesforce and Business Development.

One of the most forgotten parts of business and one of the most important. Let us help you train your people in the right sales techniques.

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We work in your business, on your business.

Corporate Profile

Levitate Your Business is the next generation of Management Consulting.

We don’t just bring you ‘our’ team of professionals, we bring you ‘every’ team. The way we work is, we partner with any and all firms across the board in all areas of business and from all over the country. This way we can provide you with specialised service for any and all of your needs.

Why would you use us? We offer you an efficient single point of contact, meaning you won’t have to deal a hundred firms, you will deal with us and we will facilitate a solution for your needs utilising our extensive list of partners.

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